And They Say It’s His Policy They Hate by V. Lyn

Drayton's Gazette

The photos that are posted here are just an iota of the photos that you can see across the internet. There are far too many, actually one would be too many. Not only because it is the President of the United States and his family but because the contempt, disdain, hate and animosity shown is not REALLY just for the President but for all Black people and it demonstrates how engrained in the American psyche racism truly is. What is the message that we are consistently sending our vulnerable children of all colors.

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One thought on “And They Say It’s His Policy They Hate by V. Lyn

  1. The persistent stereotypes and dehumanization of President Barack Obama demonstrate how hard it is for black men in this country to maintain their dignity and their life, even if they are of sterling character, high intelligence, morally upright and handsome. Lynchings were far more likely to arise from jealousy than from accusations of inappropriate behavior with white women…..

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