The Lighter the Better?

Colorism and capitalism…..

Love Afro-Veg

It just kills me when after years of slavery and oppression the black community is still saying yes to bleaching their skin. With all the information out there and books like the Willie Lynch Letter, should help us unite as a race. Time and time again I will say, we only have OURSELVES to blame.

Besides me, at least someone else is taking a stand against skin lightening products. Kenyan Super-Model, Ajuma Nasenyana, is campaigning against European companies coming into Kenya and distributing bleaching creams.  “Their leaflets are all about skin-lightening, and they seem to be doing good business in Kenya. It just shocks me. It’s not okay for a Caucasian to tell us to lighten our skin,” she says.

I know mental slavery still exist, but come on! We have to do better. The reason the European countries feel the need to supply a country like Kenya…

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