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The American: Straight- No Chaser

In the first post on discourse, a white American questioned the author on the legitimacy of an extended conversation regarding the issue of ‘race’. In this post, we’ll continue our exploration of reader commentary and conversation with the author in response to The Time Is Now, this time with a black American.

Reader: I don’t know what I can contribute. Race is not a problem in this country, racism is. Race does NOT exist. As soon as we can cease discussing one another in racial terms, maybe we can start to move forward. I have met Indians from India, Filipinos, Aborigines [sic] and a Moroccan dude, ALL way darker than me, but I’m Black. I am what I am what I am: An American male, with brown skin, whose lineage I can date back to Puerto Rico, Barbados, Virginia and North Carolina. Our nationalities, the root of the…

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  1. thank you for appreciating the nature of the questions. With hope, as the dialogue continues, and these questions are explored in full, you will find yourself wanting to contribute. Until then, I look forward to following your posts… – Lawrence Holcomb

  2. Some things that are discussed in these kind of dialogues always seem (to me) to be more of an intellectual competition about who can be the most emotional about a subject or either a competition about who has the most facts about the subject of discussion. It amazes me that after so many years of discussion by ‘social scientists’, that very little science is actually used to describe solutions; and so, we haven’t had many solutions evolve. The closest ideas to science we have that are set forth as examples to be followed by those reading these proposed solutions, are almost always based on statistics, which are used to prove points that don’t usually point to solutions. Yes, this is a criticism. And since I dare to criticize someone else’s offering, then i should at least point out a counter solution or direction. So here it is. We need to be more ‘scientific’ in our communication with each other about the solutions we propose for ourselves. Even simple science can change how we view ourselves in simple, but profound ways. Here is an example. During the fifties and sixties, our leaders talked about the social situation in this country needing a “revolution”. They expressed how we were all tired of being at the bottom of society and how we must be given access and allowed opportunities to progress. So we ‘revolted’ to cause that change, which had been defined as a “revolution”. And, when this concept was put into the collective spirit of (we) a people owed a great Karmic debt, the wheel of “revolution” began to turn; because that is what a “revolution” is: one rotation. As the wheel of this revolution turned, those of us with and without credentials jumped off of the merry-go-round of our “revolution” where we could and took jobs in the Government and private institutions, at different level of the society. And the wheel kept turning. until it did what we asked and completed its ‘one turn’ (i.e., one revolution). Many people benefitted and some are still benefitting. But if one checks the ‘statistics’, what is found it that the same percentages of people in poverty are the same. I don’t have to elaborate on that though, because you hear those statistics from our social scientists all the time. But my point is, that with a more scientific minded direction, the results could have been better. Because what we wanted as a people ( still do) is ‘a half of a revolution’. Yes, that’s right. We were on the bottom and we wanted to be on top. Some of us are there right now (to a greater or lesser degree), but not the masses that the leadership claimed to serve. Why, because our need was so great and so many at the time, until we didn’t specify exactly what we wanted. Many of us reading what I am writing right now will recall that when Stokely Carmichael, speaking on behalf of SNCC, first uttered the phrase “BLACK POWER” as the goal for Black people, and it went into the airways of the consciousness of black and white America, the white population paused. They were shocked. Everyone could feel it and we (Black people) took up the banner and surrounded it with utterances of “Black Is Beautiful”. Then, after a while, the pause subsided amongst them. Why? Because they were no longer afraid that we really wanted power. Why? Because our leaders didn’t define what BLACK is. To define what BLACK is, requires one to rectify the language. What do i mean? Well according to the dictionary, ‘black’ is the ‘absence of light’. However, the most unscientific person knows (1) that ‘blackness’ attracts and holds light. That is why we don’t wear it in the summertime. (2) “Black” is the very symbol of being structured and organized. Always has been, always will be. And, the tradition in America has been to keep Black people disorganized, excited, uncool, scattered, non-structured, etc. But in history and in nature, black is at the center of everything. The core of all textures of hair is black; ‘Chemistry’ means ‘art of the black’; the original name of Egypt (Khemit) means ‘the black land’; three million muslims walk around a black building housing a black stone every year; the center of the eye is black; the holy land of all native Americans is ‘The Black Hills’; the center of all galaxies is ‘The black hole”; etc. The fact is that ‘black’ is not a color, it is ‘all color’ and it really should be known as “black-radiance”. The three primary colors must be mixed to produce black and that makes it the representative of the ‘hue’; yea, the same ‘hue’ as in ‘human’ and ‘humane’. So, all of humanity can identify with being ‘Black’. And to know this is to know that to be black is to have a natural propensity to organize and be structured. And that is very scary to the competition.

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