Race and Culture in the Americas

This is a great summary of the history of the African Diaspora in the Americas……

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Race and Culture in the Americas


Racial divisions continued to spread in America after the Civil War. Most White Americans used self-interest, people’s ignorance, and racism to spread and sustain racial divisions. In the early 1990s, a number of old customs and new laws in the South and North promoted segregation in America such that the Americans of color were not encouraged to socialize or associate themselves with second-class citizens. Therefore, this paper analyzes the history of race and culture in the Americas between colonization period and the beginning of the New Worlds periods. The analysis is presented based on various dimensions including historical periods (Segregation, Pre-emancipation, and Post-emancipation), geographical structures during this period, and historical events that shaped race and culture during this period.

Racial Discrimination in the Americas

Racial segregation became the mode of separation of ethnic or racial minorities from the White American majority in most…

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