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An Interview with a Storyteller Ron Spears

Lexi Flint's Author Alcove

1. When did you first begin writing poetry?

I wrote my first poem maybe in 2005, but wasn’t serious about poetry until 2008 when I was confident enough to perform at Open Mic venues. After that, poetry became natural and I amassed a nice collection of poems over a 1 year period.

2. Who are you inspirations?

As a writer and music enthusiast, I enjoy the lyrics of Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, KEM and Michael Franks. I also admire the lyrics of deep soulful house music tracks which speak about love, peace and joy. My favorite poets in Detroit are Marsha Carter and Stephen “Sparrow” O’Neal and globally, Talaam Acey and CoCo Brown. What I admire most about these talented artists is how the depth of their lyrics are powerful enough to transform lives, influence behavior, change a culture and define concepts to shape attitudes. Pretty deep, I know, but…

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